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Furnace and Duct Cleaning Services Alberta


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We offer a wide range of Commercial as well as residential services at very affordable pricing. Our main goal is to satisfy customers by imporving their quality of life. 

Furnace Cleaning

In Alberta, Canada, furnace is an integral part of homes. Over a passage of time, dust, debris and dirt can accumulate within your furnace’s electrical equipment and blower. This build up not only affects the quality of air you are breathing but also reduce the efficiency of the furnace. This can lead to high energy costs and also costly repairs in some cases. In most cases, furnace manufacturers recommend that furnaces be cleaned and serviced every year to maintain efficiency of the furnace as well as to ensure it operates safely. However, forgetting to maintain and get the furnace clean is a common occurrence nowadays. Having your furnace cleaned and serviced regularly helps to keep the air you breathe clean thus avoiding any health concerns in future. Furthermore, energy cost of running the furnace is saved as cleaning leads to efficient furnace. It also help you save money as periodic cleaning helps to identify smaller problems and fix them which could become bigger costly problems in future if not maintained properly. Cleaning your furnace is essential for better living conditions. Our experts are trained in giving you a cleaner furnace with lowest cost. Dirt and dust particles are your furnace’s biggest enemy. Choosing us for your furnace cleaning needs is an excellent choice as we are well rounded in service and repair of furnaces. Let our dedicated technicians inspect your furnace and implement the solution it may need. We offer professional residential furnace cleaning as well as commercial furnace cleaning services in Alberta. Call us today for a FREE furnace cleaning estimate.

What are the Benefits of cleaning your furnace?

  • Cheaper Energy bills
  • Less Particles in the air
  • Less dirt and dust
  • Better air quality
  • Less allergens
  • Good health

Where do we provide furnace cleaning services?

  • Edmonton furnace cleaning
  • Sherwood Park Furnace cleaning
  • St. Albert Furnace cleaning
  • Leduc Furnace cleaning
  • Stony Plain Furnace cleaning
  • Beaumont Furnace cleaning
  • Alberta furnace cleaning services


Duct cleaning is a process that requires the right equipment, skilled and trained technician and time, all of which we can provide at very affordable prices. We specialize in cleaning your air source. We sue professional air duct cleaning equipment for cleaning up vents and air ducts thoroughly whether it is for your home or your office. The air ducts collect dust, allergens and pollens over time and then release them into the air you breathe through these air ducts. We sanitize the ducts with environmentally safe products to prevent contaminant growth as well as leave a fresh scent behind after cleaning. Contact us if you have any duct cleaning inquiries and we will get back to you soon.

What are benefits of Duct Cleaning?

There are many benefits of keeping your air ducts clean. You can significantly improve the quality of air, and eliminate the chances of getting respiratory diseases, allergies and even asthma. Not only that, you can lower your energy costs by improving the flow of air through your HVAC system. Your air conditioning or heating systems will be more efficient after duct cleaning services have been implemented.


Cleaning dryer vents can be a struggle at time. Whether your dryer vent is clogged or blocked, we can help you with our years of cleaning experience. Cleaning Air ducts can be advantageous if there is dust or dirt build up in the air system. It can pose a great threat to health if there are dust mites or molds build up in the system. We use high pressure air to clean dryer vents. Agitation devices used help to loosen and blast the debris, lint and hair out, which has been accumulating over time damaging your dryer and even posing a fire threat. You can rely on our professional vent cleaning services to solve all your problems. Our exceptional customer service has made us one of the best dryer vent cleaners in Edmonton. Call us today to get a FREE estimate for your vent cleaning needs.

Benefits of cleaning Dryer Vents

You can increase air flow by cleaning your dryer vent systems. It helps to improve energy efficiency ans most importantly, it prevents fires. Hire professional Dryer vent cleaning services in Edmonton and detect small problems before they become bigger and more costly issues.